When I think of auras, I imagine them as your very own fingerprint that you designed.

A fingerprint, so unique and amazing in which you are the master that if we look close enough we can each appreciate each other’s creations. Your aura is like a blinking billboard that basically says this is who you are based on your physical, spiritual and emotional health at this exact moment. Do you like what it says about you? Do you understand it? Do you even know what your aura colors are?

An aura is an energy vibration frequency that is so strong, it can be seen, recorded or photographed. It receives information from the body through the chakra system. All physical beings have auras and there are seven layers that make up an aura.

Layer One- Etheric Body connected with Root Chakra

This layer is the closest to the physical body and directly corresponds to health, physical well being, pleasure, pain, illness, and how active one is. It represents the muscles, tissues, bones and has a bluish grey color.

This layer is often the easiest seen by the naked eye. Generally speaking, you may see a haze of bluish gray, sparkles of gray or blue or even some tinting. It is also worth noting that this layer pulsates around 20 cycles per minute so you may also see a pulsating or vibration when looking at it. In an individual that is either ill, weak immune system or leading a sedentary lifestyle the aura may appear gray or weaker in color, whereas in athletes it will be stronger.

Layer Two- Emotional Layer connected with Solar Plexus Chakra

This second layer reflects emotions and feelings. Any color can be reflected from very bright and vibrant to dark or muddy. Stress or anxiety will be reflected not only here but if not resolved can eventually negatively impact layers one and layer two.

Layer Three- Mental Layer Sacral Chakra

This layer relates to the ego, thoughts and personal power. Typically bright yellow in color and you will often find around the head, neck and shoulders. Those who are concentrating on mental tasks, creative or imaginative typically have the brightest yellow colors here.

Layer Four- Astral Layer Heart Chakra

This layer relates to where we form our astral cords with others. It shows our ability for love and appears pink in color. It will become stronger through loving relationships and weaker during breakups or conflicts.

This layer is the door to the astral world. In the physical body, two individuals may avoid each other whereas in the astral state they may have conflict.

Layer Five- Etheric Template Throat Chakra

Blueprint of everything that is YOU

The layer like is a negative photograph template of etheric level one. Colors vary but knowing who you are will activate healing.

Layer Six – Celestial Third Eye Chakra

Connected to the third eye and reflects connection to the divine and other beings. Unconditional

love and ecstasy flows freely and will appear pearly white in color. This layer also reflects the relationship with God, the Creator, the Universe and Unconditional Love. It is extremely powerful in connecting us with our purpose in life.

You may also see the light reflected as double or multiple beams of gold-silver light but it is difficult to see.

Layer Seven-Ketheric Template Crown Chakra

This final layer is associated with divine and universal consciousness and contains all the information about your soul. It vibrates at the highest frequency. It is gold in color and rapidly pulsates. It is your link to the universe and your psychic abilities.



  1. Auras have been a hard concept for me to grasp. As I read more about them, I continue to learn. Our bodies and spirits are amazing! ❤️


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