Yellows are joyful, sunny, happy and energetic individuals who are creative. Generally speaking,  they are very playful and have an easy going attitude toward most aspects of life feeling they never want to grow up. Often because of this, they may appear younger in appearance.

Most Yellows are well liked, the life of the party and social however they keep only a few close friends. However, yellows are extremely sensitive and can overload quickly because they have an “energetic antenna”. They make great partners for Blues


Blues are the care takers of all the personalities. Their purpose in life is to serve, help and love others. They tend to be introverted and emotional. Blues are concerned for others more than themselves and often pursue careers as therapists, nurses, social workers, healers and teachers. Additionally, blues are typically sensitive, nurturing, compassionate and adaptable to change.

Success for Blues is not measured by wealth but by finding fulfillment in their life’s purpose.  The best relationships for blues are peaceful and loving as they need loyal and monogamous partnerships to be happy.

Conversely because of Blues sensitive nature they are easily hurt, prone to self pity and may cry easily. Because they are always seeking harmony, they will almost always forgive and they are often taken advantage of. The most difficult challenge for Blues is saying NO because they have an innate fear of rejection or not receiving love.

Blues often absorb other people’s physical illnesses, depression or problems taking them on for themselves. Also, blues tend to not enjoy physical activity much and may gain weight easily if they are not careful. The best exercises for Blues is walking, water exercises  and bicycling and will often meditate, listen to soft music or live in a nurturing environment to recharge their battery.


Greens are the most balanced people in the aura spectrum. They enjoy nature and tend to be open, friendly and communicative. They love to talk about their feelings and thoughts, tend to spend time with a few close friends or family and can get bored easily if they are not physically active.

Besides Greens love of nature, they also have a love of animals and other people.

Greens tend to be irresponsible at times when it comes to spending money and may find it easier when someone else is supporting them. However, Greens tend to be very clever and analytical but may not act on ideas for themselves and actually wait for others to show up.


Red is a powerful color in the aura field and it can be seen either as a positive or negative element. It is the color of raw passionate energy. It is associated with power, success, competitiveness and willing to do anything to win.

Reds are also know for their eroticism sexually. Conversely it can also indicate a deep seated anger or temper.


Oranges are thrill seekers and adventurous living to achieve their own goals. They need to make things happen and to be in charge.

Generally Oranges are energetic, creative and seek their own pleasures in life. Because of this, they may put themselves in dangerous situations needing to continuously find the next bigger thrill.

Oranges don’t follow the rules in particular and could care less about communicating as they tend to be loners. Oranges are usually not interested in long term relationships or having a family. Because they tend to be physically fit and attractive, they tend to have no difficulty in finding lovers.

Many Oranges find short term career options that are not very safe such as stunt men and will use the money they make to invest in high risk activities.


Violets are considered visionaries, intuitive, creative and have a divine connection with the universe and connection with God.

They are able to see the bigger picture and perceive life through their “third eye”. They see God in everything that exists. Violets have a strong urge to support the community, nation and planet wanting to improve society.

They are leaders that tend to inspire others.

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