We are all familiar with the catchy Buggles 1979 hit Video Killed the Radio Star.

The lyrics:

In my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far

Pictures came and broke your heart

Put down the blame on VCR

Oh, you are a radio star

You are a radio star

Video killed the radio star

I happened to be enjoying my daily Youtube video binge when this treasure popped up on the home page. As I watched robotic monotone singers with expressionless faces in ridiculously new-age eccentric attire, swaying stiffly to techno inspired disco beats, I thought about all the videos I had consumed on Youtube.

I revel in music. But silly humans, Youtube isn’t just for music junkies like MTV, BET and VH1 used to be. Youtube has become the GOOGLE of internet videos. It is the search engine of all that is downloaded and digitized.

Missed an episode of your favorite show or want to check out next week’s previews: GO TO YOUTUBE

Want to find out where that hilarious meme originated your auntie’s cousin’s uncle’s girlfriend tagged you in on Facebook: GO TO YOUTUBE

And lets not forget the thousands upon thousands of content creators who do anything from reacting to other creators videos, “pranking” people, reviewing products, or just making vlogs about how amazing their life is or isn’t.

There is literally so many hidden gems on Youtube, in the 21st century it has become also impossible to keep even the most fervent music junkies monolithic.

Music isn’t dead, but just like in 1979, maybe the way we prefer to receive it is.

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