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Dating in the New Age

Recently, there has been an over indulgent saturation of motivational, “self help” books and articles geared toward the modern women’s inability to find love. Most of these books boast the same premise: they alone hold the Holy Grail to love, relationships and the inner workings to the complicated male mind. Apparently, the way to keep a man enthralled is not by being the beautiful, … Read More Dating in the New Age

Food Day at the Office

In a few days the team in my office will continue its long standing monthly tradition of gorging themselves into a food induced stupor on over processed junk foods, sugar laced deserts and main dishes saturated with butter, cheese and salt with an obligatory salad. The delightfully fat infused carb filled menu will be prepared by unknown hands in unbeknownst locations. It is feasible … Read More Food Day at the Office

Scar Tissue

I had funny thought today about scar tissue.  A year ago I had my gall bladder removed and have three thick circular black scars on my abdomen. They are about the size of a pencil eraser. I was examining them today and relax the scars were numb to feeling.  As a test, I took a sharp knife running its edges over the scar, not … Read More Scar Tissue


I loved being loved. I mean I literally love being loved. There is no better feeling than to be the center of his universe. Even for just a snapshot in time. And I am not just some naive, disillusioned girl. I was the center of his universe because it was chaos and burning ashes all around him. He was surrounded by violence. And anger. … Read More Toxic

The Accidental Heartbreak

I didn’t plan on falling for him. Hell I didn’t plan on falling in love. But I did. And it hurts. I’m surrounded by it. It is suffocating. Like all I know is this heartache. Unending, unwavering and relentless. The kind of hurt you feel when you don’t want to live or crawl out of bed. And I have to remember this feeling.  Especially … Read More The Accidental Heartbreak

YOUTUBE Killed the Video Star

We are all familiar with the catchy Buggles 1979 hit Video Killed the Radio Star. The lyrics: In my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far Pictures came and broke your heart Put down the blame on VCR Oh, you are a radio star You are a radio star Video killed the radio star I happened to be enjoying … Read More YOUTUBE Killed the Video Star